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"The Ways of Europe" project started in November 2020 from an initiative of the Liceo Fracastoro of Verona. It immediately found two ideal partners: the Spanish school of Pontevedra Sek Atlantico Internacional and the French Lycée Edouard Branly of Amiens.
On behalf of the Headmaster of the liceo Fracastoro, we welcome and thank
Reynald Eggenspieler and Gonzalo Garcia Fernandez for being with us, together with the two language colleagues Maria Elena Arrebola and Manuel Vatbled, who will take care of the practical work with the classes.
The 3CL class of Liceo Fracastoro has taken part in this project. All the languages studied are involved: English, Spanish, French. One of our objectives is the development of communication skills from a European citizenship perspective.
"The Ways of Europe" intends to promote civic and educational purposes as well as didactic ones, through the world of walking and slow tourism, from an environmental and sustainable perspective.
In particular, we have chosen the three roads that cross our cities: the Via Postumia, the Via Francigena and the Portuguese Way to Santiago.
We hope we’ll be able to accompany the students on some of these routes next year.
In the meantime, we have been studying them. The students have created multimedia presentations that have been published in the eTwinning TwinSpace platform and are going to share them in three conferences with the help of experts.


Ilaria Canali

Ilaria Canali is a Communication professional, Founder of the "National Women on the Way Network" and of the "Ragazze in Gamba" community.
She graduated in Cultural Anthropology at La Sapienza in Rome, studied International Relations and Humanitarian Aid at the University of Brussels, took part in the NOHA European Commission program and worked at the United Nations Information Office in Geneva.
She has been promoting the world of walking for ten years, with particular attention to the issues of sustainability, women, inclusion and slow tourism.
She has also worked as a teacher trainer at the University of Rome and has written articles for important national newspapers.


Pietro Scidurlo

Pietro studies Information Technology and collaborates with a well known startup.
He is really passionate about travelling. He has travelled more than 9000 km on foot or by bicycle and has founded the Free Wheels onlus with the aim of opening the experience of the journey to people with specific needs.
He is the publisher of the "Santiago per tutti" guide by Terre di Mezzo Editore
Today he published the book "For those who want there is no destiny", where he talks about the man he has become today, after all his travels as a passionate walker


Federica Mognoni

She is Account Manager with ePrice Mktplace and has a degree in International Management.
Her passion for walking developed after she traveled the French way of Santiago from Saint Jean to Finisterre in 2017. After that journey she never stopped.
In 2018 she traveled the Portuguese way, along the coast and inland, from Oporto to Finisterre, in 2019 , part of the Madrid camino, from Madrid to Saghun, and the Lighthouse Walk (Galicia), the Lebaniego walk (Cantabria) in 2020, the Via degli Dei, the “ultramarathon Via Francigena”, from Siena to Acquapendente.
In recent years she has developed a strong interest in slow and sustainable tourism connected with nature and collaborates with Pietro to make it universal.


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